Forges de Clabecq

Forges de Clabecq

Majestic ironworks situated southwards from Bruxelles are one of the very last fragments of prewar heavy-industrial architecture in Europe.
Two old blast furnaces constructed during the first decade of 20th century (1909 and 1911) are unique today despite of fact, that these bucket hoists were standard in most smelting plants around Europe until the first half of past century.

After the former owner "Forges De Clabecq" went bankrupt, whole site was bought by italian-swedish company DUFERCO and the pig-iron production was restarted - however only modern furnace no.6, furnace no.2 was completely relined meanwhile.

Nevertheless new market situation showed a different direction. DUFERCO found modernization of its blast furnace no.4 in Charleroi more crucial and the investments in Clabecq were terminated. The mill was shutdown in 2001 definitly.

Nearly 80 years old blast furnace no.1 was demolished in April 2010. No.6 followed in September 2012. The furnace no.2 is preserved by now.

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