Ferriera di Servola

Ferriera di Servola

Iron-smelting works in the harbour town Trieste were founded by Ljubljanian company "Krainische Industrie Gesellschaft" in 1896 and it´s task was pig iron and ferroalloys supply for other steel related works within the Austria-Hungarian empire.
New ore-processing plant, coke plant and steel-mill were built during following years.

Next historical turning point occured in 1961 when the plant was merged with former steel giant Italsider.

The plant underwent a major modernization during the 1960´s. The German company DEMAG constructed two state-of-the-art furnaces charged by a conveyor belt.

In the following years, the owners of the plant were changing frequently. It was the italian Lucchini group first, than russian-based Severstal and finally italian group Arvedi, who ceased the hot metal operations in early 2020 finally.

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