Feralpi Stahl Riesa

Feralpi Stahl Riesa

The very origins of metallurgical production in Riesa are dating back to 1725.

In 1873 the brothers Heinrich and Alexander Schoenberg founded a brand new mill in Riesa. According to english model the iron was melted in puddling furnaces. A steam hammer mill and first rolling mill was established at the same time.

In 1849 the works were acquired by Count von Einsiedel. Due to its strategic location at the river Elbe the Riesa works became a major producer of steel in Central Europe with the end of the 19th century.

During the two world wars, the production focuses mainly on the military industry.

During 1945-1946 the old plant is completely dismantled as payment of war reparations to the Soviet Union. However the first post-war rolling mill is put inoperation in February 1947 already.

Since 1949 the metallurgical plant Riesa was integrated into into the planned economy of the GDR and lasts under such conditions until late 80´s.

In 1990, a joint-stock company "Stahl-und Walzwerk Riesa AG" was formed and the entire complex was bought by italian company Feralpi year later only. A complete transformation has begun, the old steelworks were replaced by modern smelting facility. Heart of the steel making process consists of 75 t arc furnace with subsequent four-strands continuous caster and wire rolling mill today.

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