Evraz Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works

Evraz Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works

Giant metalurgical combine on the eastern side of the Urals was founded in 1931. The reason for the construction of new plant were stagnant capacities at the old Demidov smelter (http://viktormacha.com/galerie/nizhnetagilskij-ironworks-nizhniy-tagil-191/). Ambitious plan envisaged with 6 blast furnaces, open-hearth steel mill, two rolling mills and coke plant.

The very first pig iron was poured almost ten years later, in 1940. At the time the plant was producing armour plates mainly and it is said that every third soviet tank was armoured with steel from Tagil.

Important technological leap was done in 1960 by breaking the grouds with first basic oxygen converter shop and the "H" beam rolling mill, the largest one worldwide.

After the privatization in 1992 the mill bacame part of EVRAZ company. During the overall modernization and transition to the converter steel only the old open hearth plant was shutdown in 2009 for good.
Annual production of crude steel is about 4,4 mio tonnes.

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