důl Frenštát

důl Frenštát

The exploration of a potential black coal deposit in the picturesque landscape of the Moravian - Silesian Beskids took place between 1960-70´s.

In 1982 pit number 4 was excavated and pit number 5 follwed just one year later.

In 1988 the first coal was extracted from the depth of 885 meters. However because mining activity in the Ostrava region was gradually declining at that time, Frenštát mine was mothballed in 1991 and the mining operations were never realized.

In 2020 it was decided to definitively close down the mine.

Keywords: frenštát, okd, colliery, důl, coal mine, uhlí, industrial architecture, industriekultur, bergbau, hornictví, mining, industrialni architektura, shutdown, těžní věž, headframe, 2019

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