Druhá slévárna Blansko, casting hall

Druhá slévárna Blansko, casting hall

Foundry DSB Euro is spreading along the Punkva valley bounded by rocky massive from both sides.

This unique cohesion of wild nature and heavy industry is originating from fact that the foundry was founded in 17th century already, so that nearly 150 years earlier before nearby situated Macocha abyss was discovered and explored for the first time.

DSB Euro belongs among the oldest foundries in Middle Europe. Grey iron and steel casting last over three centuries here. It was founded by Sinapi family in 1698.

The plant consists of three different works - grey iron foundry, steel foundry and artificial castings.

The heart of grey iron foundry operates with two cold-blast cupola furnaces and the casting production capacity is up to 30 tons.

Steel foundry is based on two 5 ton electrical arc furnaces and two smaller 0,5 ton induction furnaces. Castings capacity is from 4 to 10 tons.

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