DMKD, Dneprovskiy Metallurgical Plant

DMKD, Dneprovskiy Metallurgical Plant

Construction of the big mill on the banks of largest Ukrainian river - Dnieper - has begun in 1887. First blast furnace, coke plant, open hearth steel shop, puddling mill and several rolling mills were put into operation in 1889. Favorable position with limitless water supply, coal from Donetsk basin and ore from Krivoy Rog made the mill soon one of the most important one in whole Russia.

The works were nationalized in 1917 and renamed after Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of infamous Cheka, soviet secret police.

A major revolution in steel making occured in 1982 when new BOF shop was built with two 250 t converters. In 1995 two six-strand continuous casters followed.

Since 2003, the plant became part of ukrainian holding ISD.
Today three blast furnaces, BOF shop and bar rolling mill are in operation.

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