Debiensko coke works

Debiensko coke works

Polish town of Czerwionka-Leszczyny is known for deep coal mining since 1898. Dębieńsko coking plant was built ten years later as a part of former "Vereinigte Königs und Laura Hütten AG" in Siemianowice.

As the plant is located aside from Katowice coal basin, the production reached the peak during 1938-1939. Major modernization followed after nationalization in 1945.
In 1968 the coke plant is becoming part of "Zakłady Koksownicze Gliwice” and is merged with "Kombinat Koksochemiczny Zabrze" since 1980. Around this time period former coke chambers from 1913 were replaced with most recent ones.
Further development is influenced by shutdown of neighbouring mine "KWK Dębieńsko" in 2000. After demolition of larger part of the mining site the mine was bought by australian company "Prairie Mining".

However the plant was finally shutdown for good in 2018.

Keywords: Czerwionka Leszczyny, koksownia Debiensko, uppper silesia, slask, schlesien industrie, coke plant, koksovna, industriální architektura, industrial architecture

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