Buzuluk Komarov foundry

Buzuluk Komarov foundry

Iron ore smelting was known in Brdy region until 15th century already.

Production of casted moulds started much later during 18th century, some of the oldest fragments of current and still active foundry Marie dating back to that time.

Major investments were made in the beginning of 19th century thanks to count Rudolf Vrbna. The very last czech charcoal blast furnace was shutdown in 1951 here and the production focused to artistic and applied casts.

In 1932 the production of piston rings started and the works extended to machine industry segment.

Today the joint-stock company Buzuluk is oriented on artistic casts, machines and equipment for the rubber industry and still existing piston rings casts for combustions engines.

Grey-iron foundry with the last remaining cupola furnace belongs among the oldest in the Middle Europe.

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