Bezhitsa Steel Foundry

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry

The foundry on the outskirts of Brjansk was founded in 1935 and was one of the most modern foundries in the entire Soviet Union.

During the war years, the plant was evacuated and production relocated to Nizhny Tagil beyond the Urals.
The main production portfolio at that time were the T-34 tanks.
After the liberation of Brjansk, production was fully restored in 1946.

Since 1966, the foundry, in addition to the T-180 tractors, has focused on automotive and railroad industry.

In addition to the three original open-hearth furnaces (60 ton), the steel is also provided by modern electric furnaces.

Since 2002, Bezhitsa Steel Foundry is part of the Transmashholding Group, which is gradually modernizing its operations.

The photographs (2015) do not reflect the current state of the plant.

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