ArcelorMittal Ruhrort

ArcelorMittal Ruhrort

The metallurgical production in Duisburg-Ruhrort started in 1854, when the first ironworks "Phoenix Actien Gesellschaft" were founded. In 1906 the works were merged with the "Rheinsche Stahlwerke" and new company "Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG" was created. Dynamic development of the metallurgy was crowned by eight blast furnaces proudly standing there by the end of 1912.

After the war the entire metallurgical plant was dismantled by allies and production was restored after several years. In 1957 a brand new steel mill with three Thomas converters was constructed by architect Fritz Schupp and rebuilt for basix oxygen melting in 1969. In 1965 the mill was taken over by "August Thyssen Hütte".

The last blast furnace was shutdown in 1993, its fragments still can be found on the site together with pair of cowpers.

ISPAT Steel (today ArcelorMittal) is running the steel mill since 1997. The steel production nowadays is driven with two 140 t converters, two continuous casters and a billet mill. Pig iron is transported from nearby ThyssenKrupp Bruckhausen (

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