ArcelorMittal Krivoj Rog, Krivorozhstal

ArcelorMittal Krivoj Rog, Krivorozhstal

Plans for the largest integrated mill in Ukraine were made in 1929, shortly after the Soviet Union was formed.

The first steel was melted in 1934. 4 blast furnaces and 3 open-hearth shops were supplying the Union with pig iron and steel until the second world war. As the german battlefront was onwarding rapidly, all equipment and workers were evacuated to Nizhny Tagil. As expected tha plant was demolished completely.

The mills was rebuilt after war and new blast furnace no.7 and no.8 were installed there between 1962-70.
The world´s largest blast furnace (no.9) with 5000 m³ capacity was fired in 1974.

After the fall of USSR and two privatizations ArcelorMittal company took over the steel production in Krivoj Rog.

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