ArcelorMittal Florange

ArcelorMittal Florange

The metalurgical combine in french town of Hayange was founded in 1907 as "Usine de Wendel" or "Fourneau Hayange".

The plant was heavily damaged during the second world war so plenty of new equipment was installed there within the Marshall plan. That included also the whole hot strip mill line from 1948 (manufactured by Pittsburgh-based UNITED company) which was put into operation in 1953 together with the Thomas and open-hearth steel plant.

The oxygen steel making process was introduced here in the early 70´s.

Due to the turbulent changes at the European steel market all iron&steel making operations were ceased in 2012.

ArcelorMittal Florange is focusing on production of hiqh-quality hot rolled coils now. The slabs are supplied from the Dunkerque site.

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