ArcelorMittal Barra Mansa

ArcelorMittal Barra Mansa

The construction of the steelworks in Barra Mansa is dating back to 1937 and is closely linked to the beginnings of the industrialisation of Brazil.

The company Votorantim Siderúrgica, which operated the steelworks from the very beginning, completely modernized the plant in 1980, including the installation of two 50t electric arc furnaces from the German company DEMAG.

In 2017, the plant was merged with the ArcelorMittal group, making Votorantim Siderúrgica its subsidiary.

In 2019, due to the unfavourable market situation, production was temporarily iddled, but resumed two years later.
However during 2023 the steel plant was again temporarily shut down.

The annual production volume under normal conditions is 800,000 tonnes of steel.

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