Acciai Speciali Terni

Acciai Speciali Terni

Metallurgical complex in italian inland town Terni was founded in 1884 under the name " Società degli Alti Forni , ed Fonderie Acciaierie di Terni ". Production range consisted of cast pipes for italian water systems and steel plates for marine industry.
The mill used to have blast furnace department, two bessemer converters , five open hearth furnaces, rolling mills and iron foundriy at that time.
In 1886 108 tons forging press was instaled, the largest one worldwide.
The war years raised the inquiry for speciality steel products like armor, weapons and ammunition.

In 1937 , the plant became part of Finsider , which was purchased in 1980 by Ilva group .
After privatization in the nineties comes into play new italian-german owner Falck - Agarin - Riva and Krupp.

The plant in Terni currently runs two electric arc furnaces (125 t and 150 t), 140 t AOD converter (largest in Europe), continuous casting machine, strip rolling mill and forge.

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