Белорецкий завод

Белорецкий завод

Worldwide unique design of blast furnace site from the end of 19th century is located in Russian, within the Republic of Bashkorostan territory in town of Beloretsk.

The works were founded by merchants I.B. Tverdyshev and I.S. Myasnikovtraders I.B. in 1759 already. In 1763 construction of the first blast furnace with fourteen hammers started. The second blast furnace was put in operation in 1770.

Major modernization occured between 1870-1890. Already three blast are now working with hot air provided by cowpers. Next to six puddling furnaces the first open-hearth furnace with capacity of 15 tons was commissioned in 1894. Ingots are shaped in heavy-rolling mill.

During the economic crisis in 1900-1903 the puddling furnaces were shutdown, blast furnaces operates only occassionaly due to poor iron ore supplies. After 1908 the mill is completely electrified and the town connected with railways coming from Samara to Zlatoust.
With the advent of the Great War Beloretsk began production of steel barbed wire, what soon ensured a leading position in this production sector. Blast furnaces were relined again between the years 1920-1930.

After the Second World War "Beloretsk steel wire ropes company" is established, the wire rope becomes the basic production pillar.
In 1980 automatic wire rod mill is build and still operated by Russian company Mechel.

Blast furnaces and open-hearth steel mill ceased operation in 2002.

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