Stahlwerk Thüringen

Stahlwerk Thüringen

Unterwellenborn is associated with metallurgical production since 1872, when the famous Sulzbach-Rosenberg Maxhütte established its branch works in the central part of the town.

Closed production cycle of blast furnace site, and Thomas and open hearth steel works, rolling mills and foundry soon became an important metalurgical combine in East Germany.

Under these conditions the works were active until the beginning of the 90´s, when the entire plant was bought ARBED company. This important milestone came with major technological changes.

The blast furnaces and their blowing engine were shutdown at first and were replaced by a modern steelplant with 120t DC furnace with subsequent continuous caster in 1992.

Profile rolling mill was established earlier, in 1984 as one of the most modern mills of its time.

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