Scana Steel Söderfors

Scana Steel Söderfors

The first ironworks in town of Söderfors was founded in 1667 by mining inspector Claes Depken. At that time a profitable hammer mill due to advantageous position in the middle of dense forests within the lake area was working here. The main production was focused on boat anchors.
Major expansion occurs in the end of 19th century when first steel plant with rolling mill was built. The works were united with Söderforsgatan Bruks AB and in 1907 became the property of Stora Kopparberg Bergslagen. The merge led into special steels production.

In 1982 Söderfors plant was taken over by Fagersta AB, and ten years later French Eramet Group bought the whole site.

Forge and medium section mill was purchased by Scana Steel in 1995, which continues with steel shaping until today.

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