Saint-Gobain Canalização

Saint-Gobain Canalização

It was back in 1914 when entrepreneurs Dmitri Sesaud de Lavaud and Fernando Arens Jr. patented the pipes centrifugal casting process and founded their "Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia".

Meanwhile, in 1929, Baldomero Barbará and João Pinheiro founded the metallurgical company ´Companhia Miniera de Metalurgia´ in Caeté (Minas Gerais) and shortly afterwards bought the Arens Jrs´s company.
All equipment from the former plant was relocated to Caeté where new company called Barbará S.A. was established.
Brand new foundry was put into operation in 1937 at the suburbs of Barra Mansa and named "Companhia Metalúrgia Barbará". The plant operated with one charcoal blast furnace and a pipe casting foundry.
The entire works were acquired by french company Pont-á-Mousson in 1951 and, with increasing demand, the second blast furnace was built in 1956.

In 1970 Pont-á-Mousson merged with Saint-Gobain and the ´Compagnie de Saint-Gobain´ was formed.

Since 2000 the ironworks are known as ´Saint-Gobain Canalização´ and are the only company in Latin America producing cast pipes and tubes up to 1200 mm widht and 7 m long.

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