důl Paskov

důl Paskov

The history of the largest coking coal mine in the Ostrava-Karviná region ended on March 30th 2017, when the last minecart was extracted.

Paskov mine, locality Sviadnov: 1962 - 2017
Paskov mine, locality Staříč: 1963 - 2017
Paskov mine, locality Chlebovice - 1963 - 2017
Paskov mine, localityPaskov: 1961-1999

The typologically unique circular mining tower with the Koeppe winding engine room located in the tower within the Sviadnov locality was built in 1965 according to the design of architect Ivo Lange and has been registered as a cultural monument in 2000. However its fate is unclear.

The rest of the surface objects on other localities will be demolished.

Keywords: důl Paskov, důl Staříč, colliery, OKD, zeche, mining, coal mine, bergwerk, šachta, hornictví, ostravsko, industrialni architektura, industrial architecture, shutdown, industriekultur, 2009

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