Metalcam Breno - 6000t forging press

Metalcam Breno - 6000t forging press

It all started in 1907, when the Rusconi family from Breno founded the first forge called "Metallurgica Vallecamonica". It was originally located in the neighbouring village of Malegno.

In 1919 the company ´Carlo Tassara´ was founded, and started the production of steels and ferroalloys.

In 1960 Carlo Tassara bought the "Metallurgica Vallecamonica" plant and moved the metallurgical and forging production to Breno.

Metalcam was founded in 1986 and took over all the production capacities of ´Carlo Tassara´. Today the steel mill is equippped with a 45t arc furnace, laddle furnace and the VOD, the forge works with pair of 6300t and 3500t presses.

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