Kopalnia węgla kamiennego Mysłowice

Kopalnia węgla kamiennego Mysłowice

The Upper Silesian coal mine in Mysłowice was established in 1837 by the Royal Mining Administration.
In 1886 the mine was merged with "Neu Dantzig" mine and operated under new name "Grube Myslowitz".

In 1936, the mine was nationalized (Zjednoczenie Górniczo-Hutnicze) to become part of the "Reichswerke Hermann Göring" in less than four years later.

After the war mining continues under the newly established "Katowickie Zjednoczenie przemysłu Węglowego".

In 1993 "Katowicki Węglowy Holding SA" was formed. Mysłowice mine has been merged with Wesola mine in 2007 what lead into slow decline of coal mining and processing at this historically important site.

The gradual demolition of the mine began in 2015 and most likely only the steel headframe above pit Sas will be preserved.

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