Huta Bankowa

Huta Bankowa

The Dąbrowa Górnicza district was known for zinc mining and processing until 1833 when a decission for ironworks foundation has been made. Construction was completed in 1840 and was fully financed by the Polish Bank - that´s where the "Huta Bankowa" name comes from.

The plant consisted of six blast furnaces, pudling furnace, iron foundry and a hammer mill. First open-hearth furnace was commissioned in 1859. In 1877 the plant was completely rebuilt, the first blast furnace started to operate in 1880.

The turn of the 19th and 20th century was marked by decline and poor economic situation. However the production reached the top with the second world war, the manufacturing range was completelely focused on the army needs.
The mill was widely modernized in 1947 again, new blast furnace was errected and ring rolling mill from near Huta Kosciuszko was put in operation here. The steel shop had already 7 working siemens-martin furnaces.

After nationalization the whole plant was united with Huta Katowice.

Last open-hearth furnace was shutdown in 1995. In 1996, Huta Bankowa became an independent company and was incorporated in 2003 within Ispat Steel Poland, Mittal Steel Poland later.

Nowadays the mill is part of Alchemia group, production focuses on long-rolled materials and hoops.

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