Huta Łaziska

Huta Łaziska

Feroalloys smelting plant nearby Łaziska Górne town was founded in 1916 and named "Carbid-fabrik auf Prinzengrube". Raw material sorting plant and three electric furnaces for silicon, corundum, iron and chrome smelting were in operation in that time.

Until the second world war the plant was known as "Elektro Zawod"

In 1959 the second smelter was built and the third one some 10 years later (closest to the main road).

Whole plant was modernized in 1995 and soon after the private "Huta Łaziska" was formed.

The works are the only ferroalloys producent in Poland today. Similar plants are very rare throughout the Europe. We can find one in Norwegian Mo-i-Rana, Romanian Tulcea and Ukrainian Nikopol.

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