Kupferhütte - DK Recycling Plant Duisburg

Kupferhütte - DK Recycling Plant Duisburg

Not many smelting plants as former "Küpferhütte", today DK Recycling & Roheisen GmbH, can be found in current Europe.

Ironworks situated in harbor district Duisburg/Hochfeld were founded in 1876 and were one of the first ever using sulphuric acid production process for waste material transformation into reusable materials (pig iron, zinc, copper,...).

Former line of seven blast furnace was constructed between 1895-1913.

Along with realignment of chemical industry conception, what caused the shut-down of all non-ferrous operations, was the DK plant technologicaly transformed and oriented to pig iron production only.

Despite the fact that only blast furnace no.3 is active today, DK belongs to important and with its 135 years of history time-prooved high quality foundry iron suppliers for automobile industry mainly.

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