Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Siegen

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Siegen

Siegen is one of the oldest industrial sites in Germany.
The first steelworks were founded by J.H.Dresler in 1845 in the Siegen Geisweid.

In 1879 the Geisweider Eisenwerke AG was formed and around that time two blast furnaces, the open-hearth steelworks and the first electric furnaces were built here. Siegen soon became the main producer of special steels in whole Europe.

In 1920 the works were bought by Thyssen and Klöckner, who gradually merged with Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG. However after liquidation of the VESTAG in 1951 the plant in Siegen together with Stahlwerke Hagen became part of Stahlwerke Südwestfalen AG.

Both mills were taken over by Krupp Stahl in 1974.

In 1978 the last blast furnace was shutdown and replaced by the largest electric arc furnace (140t) in Germany.

Since 2004 the plant has been part of the Schmolz+Bickenbach group, later renamed to Deutsche Edelstahlwerke.

In 2020 the Swiss Steel was formed, which runs the speciality steel making in Siegen today.

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