BGH Edelstahl, tapping the EAF

BGH Edelstahl, tapping the EAF

Boschgotthardshütte, or BGH Edelstahl, located in the center of the saxon town Freital was founded in 1855 under the name "Saxon Gußstahlfabrik". Ore and coal deposits around Dresden area enabled fast developement o before the end of the 19th century already.

After the Second World War the plant was completely dismantled by Soviet troops. However a brand new mill was built here soon after and was known for many years as VEB Edelstahlwerk. It became famous for production of speciality steel and was one of the leading companies of its kind in the entire DDR.

In 1990 the plant was privatized by Rüdiger Winterhagerem from Siegen.

Today, the heart of the steel shop consists of 42 t EAF with horizontal continuous caster and ladle furnace with VOD facility. Ingots, which are teemed here, are further processed on two rolling mills and forge. BGH Freital currently employs 600 workers.

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