ZŤS Metalurg

ZŤS Metalurg

The rising fear from Nazism led into relocation of a significant part of the Škoda Plant production in Pilsen to strategically more favorable town of Dubnice nad Váhom in 1937.

The production in the newly built underground factory was exclusively focused on military equipments.
During the German occupation, the plant was incorporated into the Hermann Göring Waffenwerke concern. At the end of the war, however, most surface buildings were significantly damaged by allied air raids, and underground technology was destroyed by the fleeing army.

Between 1945-1948 the plant was generaly revamped, new production range consisted of bridge constructions, heavy machinery and locomotives.

In 1953 the steel foundry was commissioned.
In 1960 the closed-die forging shop was launched and open-die forging followed in 1963.

Production reaches its peak during the 1980s, when the works had over 15,000 employees.

The plant is known as ZTS Metalurg since 2015.

In 2018 the steel foundry was shutdown for good and the company is focusing on forged products mostly.

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