Zavod Slantsy

Zavod Slantsy

The western part of the Leningrad region has been known for oil shale mining since the 1930s. These rich deposits were fully utilized in 1945, when the "Slantsepererabatyvayushiy zavod" (Slantsy plant) was built here. The task was to supply synthetic gas to nearby town of Leningrad.

In 1952 a first block of a 75 MW oil shale burning power plant was commissioned.
In 1970, the production of petroleum coke (petcoke) began by the method of direct coking.

The current name "Zavod Slantsy" comes from the reorganization period in 1993. With the downturn of oil-shale deep mining, the plant was rebuilt to burn natural gas.

Production of petroleum coke was terminated in 2013.

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