ThyssenKrupp Bruckhausen /  August Thyssen-Hütte

ThyssenKrupp Bruckhausen / August Thyssen-Hütte

ThyssenKrupp is one of the most influential and together historicaly most important european steel producers. Metallurgical history has begun in spring 1889 when enterpreteur August Thyssen started to buy in the grounds around the river Rhein. First blast furnace followed by siemens-martin steel plant was tapped in 1891.

The combine was growing dynamicaly until the second world war when large part of the works was seriously damaged, the pig-iron production was restarted in 1951 already.

Until 2005 the old blast furnaces line from the postwar period was still to be found here, but stepped aside due to blast furnace no.8 project.

Currently the most modern european blast furnace no.8 was put into operation in 2008.

Former blast furnace no.4 was demolished in 2012.

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