SSAB Oxelösund

SSAB Oxelösund

The integrated works on the south coast of Sweden were founded in 1913 under the name "Oxelösunds Järnverk AB". The construction of the metallurgical plant started in 1913 and was put into operation in 1919. As the Sweden has no own coal reserves, it was imported from England.

In 1952 there was a significant expansion of production. Blast furnace no.2 and new coke plant were commissioned. Most of the production focused on hot rolled heavy plates.
The mill was taken over by the Gränges AB group in 1952.

In 1961 two 130 tons Kaldo converters and a blast furnace no.4 were put into operation.

The crisis in 70´s took lead into nationalization of the enterprise and merge with Norrbottens Järnverk AB (Luleå) and Domnarverts Järnverk AB (Borlänge).

In 1977 the Kaldo converters were replaced by a LD-LDBE converter (70 t).

One year later the government-owned Svenskt Stål company(SSAB) was established and operates the sited until today. SSAB Oxelösund is the only integrated steelworks in Sweden and is producing high-strength steels with high emphasis on sustainability and ecology.

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