Siempelkamp foundry Krefeld

Siempelkamp foundry Krefeld

The Siempelkamp foundry in Krefeld holds many world records, the most recent stands for the casting of 320 tonnes large piece from five ladles.

Production started in 1883, when the entrepreneur Gerhard Siempelkamp founded the company "G. Siempelkamp & Co", which produced drilled hot platen presses for fiber production. This own patent from Gerhard Siempelkamp revolutionised the textile industry in general.

The first steel and grey cast iron foundry was established in 1902 and its product range consisted mainly of components for the heat presses. These were later expanded to presses for the metalworking industry.

During the 1980s, a new plant was built and today Siempelkamp is one of the most important manufacturers of hand-formed heavy cast iron castings in the world.

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