Saint-Gobain Telford foundry

Saint-Gobain Telford foundry

Telford´s industrial history dates back to the 1700s when coal was first discovered here.

The first ironworks were built by Abraham Derby in 1757 with a simple product portfolio of agricultural tools and casted cylinders. By 1785 there were already 3 charcoal furnaces in operation.

After the partial decline of metallurgical production in the late 19th century, businessman Duncan Sinclair bought the land and founded the Sinclair Iron Co Ltd. This became one of Europe´s leading foundries producing castings for the building trades in 1962.

In 1969 the foundry became part of Glynwed Foundries Ltd. and production gradually focused on automobile castings, but thereafter concentrated on cast-ion rainwater, soil and drain pipes and gutters.

The Telford foundry is part of the Saint-Gobain Group since 1997.

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