Ovako Smedjebacken

Ovako Smedjebacken

Smedjebacken is one of many historical Swedish sites associated with metal production and processing. The first mention of the local metallurgy is dating back to 1631.

The history of local steelworks is a slightly younger. In 1872, industrialist Alex Nodrlander founded the very first mill here under the name of "Smedjebackens Valsverks AB" to expand the production capacity of his already existing ironworks in Bagge.
The Nordlander family owned the company until 1955, when Förvaltnings AB Ratos took it over.

Complete modernization starts soon after. In 1960 the iron foundry (one of the largest in Swedenin that time) was shutdown and a new electric arc furnace was commissioned in 1968. The former open-hearth furnaces were closed down in 1975.

In 1981 the company was merged with Boxholm AB and it is known as Smedjebacken-Boxholm Stål AB since then.

All operations are running under Ovako name since 2005.

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