NLMK Pennsylvania, finishing stands

NLMK Pennsylvania, finishing stands

The longest surviving fragment of steel production in the central part of the Shenango Valley is the hot strip mill in Farrell.
The history of heavy industry began here in 1840 with the construction of the first "Clay Furnace" by industrialist Vincent Himrod. In 1890 the production is taken over by family Buhl who established two more iron smelting works. New job opportunities attracted hundreds of new workers soon and the original settlement was formed into a town named after the President of the United States Steel Corp. - Farrell.

In 1900 the old mills were merged into Sharon Steel Corportation. Modern blast furnaces together with open hearth steel making shop, blooming mill and a series of rolling mills grown quickly.
In 1906 the company built and operated the first continuous pickling and galvanizing unit ever built the USA.
Depression of the 30´s was replaced sharp production increase during World War II. Then Sharon Steel became part of United States Steel Corp., in 1966 new hot strip mill was put into operation. (The mill was originally the 72-inch hot strip mill installed at J&L Cleveland in 1932)

Like many other works in late 80´s also the Sharon mill encountered serious financial problems. The blast furnace were cooled down and demolished in 1995. The hot strip mill was bought by Duferco four years later and it is operated by NLMK since 2011 until today.

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