Mechel Chelyabinsk (ChMK)

Mechel Chelyabinsk (ChMK)

Construction of Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine started in 1943 in order to provide enough steel for tanks production in the last years of World War II.

In the first stage the electric steel plant, foundry, forging and machining shopw were put into operation. The first blast furnace and coke batteries followed in stage 2 (1944).

The plate mill, section rolling mill and blooming mill were constructed during the 50´s.

In 1965 the open-hearth steel mill was built and was in operation until 1996 when replaced by brand new LD converter steel plant.

Since 2001 the Chelyabinsk Metallugcial Plant is part of Mechel holding as one of the largest integrated combines in Russia.

In 2013 new universal mill was commissioned.

The factory has 18,000 employees now.

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