Makstil Skopje

Makstil Skopje

The discovery of the Oslomej and Damjan ore deposits in the south part of former Yugoslavia initiated the idea to build the first metallurgical plant in this region.

Early plans were made in 1959 and since the coal was not mined in this part of the Balkans, a production scheme without the blast furnaces use came into play.

These were replaced by electric submerged arc furnaces and rotary kilns, following by two LD converters and a heavy plate mill.

The construction itself began in 1961 and lasted for six years. The plant was named "Rudnici i Zelezara Skopje".

In the mid-1980s the quality of iron ore in the adjacent mines began to deteriorate significantly, leading into their closure.
The metallurgical plant followed in early 90´s.

During the privatization in 2000 the production was restarted under the flag of the current company Makstil. The converter steel was replaced by a 110 t electric arc furnace.

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