Krivoj Rog

Krivoj Rog

The presence of rich iron ore deposits in Krivoy Rog was known since early 18th century, when prince Potemkin Tavrichesky initiated first exploration works. As the results turned out well first quarry and iron foundy for casting artillery shells was built.
After his death the mining and smelting operations are ceased.
Further development continues in 1881, when a French company established the first underground mine called Saksagansky.
In 1884 the Krivbass was connected with Donbass by railway.

However major transformation of the landscape started in 1955. The Soviet Union recognized Krivoy Rog as its largest source of iron ore and new era of deep and opencast mining was about to start. During ten years six new mines were opened.

Krivbass belongs among the largest iron ore basins in the world now.

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