Koksownia Zdzieszowice

Koksownia Zdzieszowice

Currently the largest European coke plant Zdzieszowice (Deschowitz) was founded by "Gräflich Schaffgottsche Werke" in 1930. First two batteries were built by couple of german architects Schupp & Kremmer, designers of famous Zollverein complex.
Further expansion was made during 1962 - 1968, coking batteries no. 3 - 6 were constructed by russian manufacture this time.

In 1972 new coking line was built one kilometer southern from the old one. This time polish company constructed the batteries no. 7 - 10.
Meanwhile the last grand expansion was done during 2006 - 2008 when polish company Zarmen built brand new baterries no.11 and 12. Soon after the outdated batterries no. 1 and 2 were shutdown for good followed by no.9 and 10.

Despite of that the annual production of metalurgical and domestic coke is close to 4 mio tonnes.

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