Huta Baildon, BGH Polska

Huta Baildon, BGH Polska

One of the most famous Polish steelworks were founded in 1823 by Scottish pioneer of European metallurgy John Baildon , who was invited by Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden.

At the time of its construction Baildon was the most modern mill in Poland. This leadership continued thanks to raising technological potential even after the Second World War, during which the production was oriented to military needs only.

The most extensive modernization of the plant was made in 1996 , when the former rolling mill was replaced by brand new 16-standed continuous rolling line.
The dramatic post-revolutionary events hasn´t spared Huta Baildon as well, who bankrupted in 2011.

The steel making shop was kept alive for several years by Gonar company, however shut down later. The rolling mill was taken over by German BGH holding, which still operates the mill today.

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