Hasard de Cheratte, view on hedframe above pit no.3

Hasard de Cheratte, view on hedframe above pit no.3

Hasard de Cheratte colliery, adornment and pride of Wallonia, was deepened in 1850 already. However the mining itself hasn´t lasted for long. After an accident in 1877 all mining operations ceased.

The works were reopened in 1907 when new Malakoff - type mining building was built above former pit no.1. As the mine was situated in rather dense urban environment of town of Visé it was soon necessary to solve the problem with tailings. For this purpose an additional headframe (called "La belle Fleur") was built in 1927 on the adjacent hill.

Hasard de Cheratte mine was shtudown in 1977. It remained abandoned for almost 40 years and became a place of pilgrimage for countless of urban explorers and industrial photographers from around the world. Gradual revitalization in the amount of 12 millions € started in February 2017.

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