Ferriera di Servola

Ferriera di Servola

Iron-smelting works in the harbour town Trieste were founded by Ljubljanian company "Krainische Industrie Gesellschaft" in 1896 and it´s task was pig iron and ferroalloys supply for other processing worsk within the Austria-Hungarian empire.
New ore-processing plant, coke plant and steel-mill were built during following years.

Next historical turning point occured in 1961 when the plant was merged with former steel giant Italsider.

First modernization of both blast furnaces took place in 1975.

Last modernization of the blast furnace site was made in 1982 when new conveyor-belt charging system was installed and hasn´t been changed until today.

Trieste steelworks are now owned by russian Severstal company and it´s long life is approaching the end. The plant will be closed down in 2015.

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