Euronickel Industries, Kavadarci

Euronickel Industries, Kavadarci

Explorations of rich nickel deposits in Northern Macedonia have been carried out since the 1950s, especially at the Rzhanovo locality in the south part of the country.

The nickel smelting and processing plant was constructed in 1983 and is connected to the opencast mine in Rzhanov by the worlds longest conveyor belt (47 kilometers long)

The heart of the smelter consists of two rotary kilns with an adjoining electric sub-merged arc furnace built by DEMAG, a pair of LD converters with a capacity of 35 tons and an electric arc holding furnace from the American manufacturer PECOR.

The original brand FENI Industries was renamed tp Euronickel Indsutries after a change of tje owner in 2019 and today, with almost a thousand employees, it is one of the pillars of North Macedonian economy.

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