Buderus Edelstahl

Buderus Edelstahl

Iron processing around Wetzlar was commenced by industrialist Johann Wilhelm Buderus I. in 1751 already. His descendants successfully continued with this tradition and Buderus became one of the most important and together the longest-running mills in Europe.
Nevertheless the steel production started here much later, in 1920. First of all the steel making shop, hot rolling and heat treatment facility were commissioned. Production was expanded with forge and new steel plant was built in 1939. The company was then known as "Stahlwerk Buderus Röchling - Aktiengesellschaft" .

The mill was heavily damaged during the Second world war and put back into operation in 1945. Steelworks were equipped with three electric arc furnaces and 30 tons open-hearth furnace.
Strip and billet rolling mill was commissioned in 1973.

Buderus Edelstahl is currently owned by Austrian company Voestalpine AG, which took over former Böhler - Uddeholm AG.
Buderus consists of a steel mill with a focus on ingots production, stainless strips and billet rolling mill and a forge.

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