Bedford Steels, Sheffiled

Bedford Steels, Sheffiled

There are not many mills in the world that can produce hollow steel bars. Bedford Steels in Sheffield is one of them.

It was back in 1792 when John Bedford commenced production of hand tools. His name soon became synonymous with Sheffield and quality.

In 1856 the manufacture of drill rods for the mining industry began under the name "Bedford, Bury & Company". The business did not last long though and went bankrupt in 1862. However, in 1871 it was re-established as ´John Bedford & Sons´.

The first rolling mill was put into operation in 1910.

In 1970 the company was taken over by the American company Tarmac and Bedford Steels continued to operate under the Gardner Denver banner, later taken over by Cooper Industries.

In the early 1980s the 12" mill was completely revamped and is still in operation.

Bedford Steel is now part of the international Brunner & Lay organisation.

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