Armaturka AD, Dysina

Armaturka AD, Dysina

Armaturka Dysina company was founded by Frantisek Cechura in 1873 already, however the production itself started much later, in 1903.

The beginnings there was only a humble loksmith workshop. The main goal was to collect enough money for build a proper foundry works. This was accomplished in 1912 and piece of land was bought in northen part of Dysina village. Unfortunatelly this first industrial expansion was resumed by the first world war.

It 1936 the private company was incorporated into Czech-Slovak pipe foundries Association and the production was finally launched.

Nowadays Armaturka Dysina is producing grey-iron casts for urban architectural shapes only.
The meltshop consists of two 700mm cold blast cupola furnaces and automatic moulding line. Maximal casts weight is 120kg.

Edit: The plant was shutdown in 2014 for good.

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