ArcelorMittal Belval

ArcelorMittal Belval

The ironworks on the French-Luxembourg border were founded in 1909 by the German company Gelsenkirchener Bergwerks AG. By 1911 there were two blast furnaces, a steel plant and several rolling mills.

In 1937 the entire works were taken over by the Luxembourg company ARBED (Aciéries Réunies de Burbach-Eich-Dudelange SA).

The greatest development came in the late 1960s and early 1970s. First, the modern blast furnace A was built in 1965, then the blast furnace B in 1970 and finally the large-capacity furnace C in 1979.

However, big changes arrived in the early 1990s. The blast furnace production process was destined for extinction by that time already and so the most modern furnace C was shutdown in 1995, completely dismantled and sold to the Chinese ironworks Kunming Iron & Steel Group Co Ltd (KISCO). The converter steelworks made its last melting in 1997 and was replaced by a 155 t DC arc furnace. And finally, the last blast furnace was shutdown for good in 1997.

Following the merger of the French company USINOR and the Spanish company Aceralia, the Belval plant became one of the units of the newly formed company ARCELOR (ArcelorMittal since 2006).

Hot rolled steel beams from Belval have a wide range of applications in the construction industry. For example - the flood barrier around Venice is made from them.

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