Acciaierie Venete, Padua

Acciaierie Venete, Padua

Venete steelworks are located within the industrial zone nearby the historic center of Padua town. Not really significant mill on the first glance belongs among the top italian producers with almost 1,5 mio tonnes of crude steel per year.

The plant was founded as an iron smelter in 1946. In 1957 the production shifted to steel ingots casting only. The first continuous caster was commissioned here in 1974 and followed by secondary metallurgy shop with the laddle furnace and vacuum degasser in 1980. By the 1991 three continuous casters, one 120 tonnes electric arc furnace and the heavy section rolling mill were in operation already.

Today Acciaierie Venete is the flag ship of the Venete group with 4 other mills. The production is focused on automotive industry mainly.

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