Acciaierie di Verona

Acciaierie di Verona

It was back in 1902 when Italian entrepreneur Antonio Galtarossa founded his first company in Verona for the complete production of acetylene lighting systems.
His business later expanded to include the manufacture of agricultural machinery.

In addition to increasing demand the first foundry was established in 1921. Fonderie Galtarossa was manufacturing cast parts for the arms industry. However the works were severely damaged at the end of Second World War and had to be completely rebuilt.

In 1981 the Italian company Riva Acciaio Spa took over the metallurgical production in Verona. The steel mill is part of Pittini Group since 2015.

The works consists of two 100t electric arc furnaces with downstream secondary metallurgy and a state-of-the-art wire rolling mill from 2018.

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