Acciaieria Valsugana

Acciaieria Valsugana

The construction of a steel plant in Borgo Valsugana was decided in 1979 with the aim of missing a scrap metal recycling plant along the length of the Sugana Valley.

The plant was founded by Dario Leali, a businessman from Odolo. Production followed a simple scheme - a scrap yard connected to the local railroad, 100 ton electric arc furnace (TAGLIAFERRI) with secondary metallurgy plant topped by a bar continuous caster (VoestAlpine, commissioned in 2003).

However the plant went bankrupt in 2012.

Since 2017 the steelworks has become part of the industrial group of Acciaierie Venete and has grown with the installation of new plants such as vacuum degasser for secondary metallurgy (CEA 2020) and oxycutting for continuous casting (CEA 2022). The development of products with superior technological level goes hand in hand with the best respect of the territory.

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